Ribbed Belts (Multi Rib EPDM) Back

ISO 9982, RMA IP-26, SAE J1459

Alaska Multi Rib belts are suitable for smaller pulley diameter. These belts have excellent flexibility, smoothness and are noise free. Used for serpentine drives, V-flat drives and drives with reverse bend iders.

  • High Power Transmission Capacity
  • Enhanced Service Life
  • Increased Resistance to Abrasion
  • Minimum Elongation
  • Anti-static, Oil & Heat Resistant

Poly V-Belt Range Temperature Range : -35°C to +125°C

Sections Height (mm) Rib Patch (mm) Max. Ribs Min. Range (mm) Max. Range (mm) Length Designation
PK 4.50 3.56 16 700 3000 Le

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Ribbed Belts (Multi Rib EPDM)

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