Double Sided Hexagonal Belts (Wrapped) Back

ISO 5289, DIN 7722, IS 11038

Alaska Double Sided Belts are specially designed for reverse bend serpentine drive. It provides extended service life and the center cord provides high power transmission and low stretch. These belts are used in Serpentine Drives, Rice Mills, Husker Machines, Textile Industries, Lawn Movers etc.

  • Anti-Static, Oil & Heat Resistant
  • Excellent flexibility on both side
  • Excellent power transmission capacity from both side due to center cord
  • Long Lasting belts
Sections Top Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Angle Min. Range (inches) Max. Range (inches) Length Designation
AA 13 10.3 40° 70 160 Le
BB 17 13.5 40° 60 250 Le
CC 22 18 40° 90 270 Le
25×22 25 22 40° 106 350 Le
Belt Standard Red Blue
Compression Rubber Natural Chloroprene Chloroprene
Cord Polyester Polyester Aramid
Cover Fabric Cotton Polyester with CR Rubber Cotton Polyester with CR Rubber Cotton Polyester with CR Rubber
Temperature Range (°C) -20 to +70 -20 to +90 -20 to +90

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Double Sided Hexagonal Belts (Wrapped)

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