Agriculture Flat Belts – Ultra Power Back

ISO 22: 1991 (E)

Alaska Ultra Power Flat Belts are used as coupling belt on Combine Harvester and Fishing vessels. These belts are specially treated with power transmission cords which provide high power transmission capacity, minimum extension and great flexibility.

  • Suitable for difficult drives with small pulley diameter
  • Anti-Static, Oil & Heat Resistant
  • Great Flexibility
Sections Min. Range (mm) Max. Range (mm)
100x6F 2200 7800
110x6F 2200 7800
114x6F 2200 7800
120x6F 2200 7800
140x6F 2200 7800
150x6F 2700 7800

Mud Loader Belts 500 x 5000 also available.

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Agriculture Flat Belts – Ultra Power

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